8 weeks to change a habit


Its 6:30 am and it’s cold outside. As a smart, powerful and ambitious woman you have set goals to improve your health and fitness. You know you should get out of the warm cocoon of your bed and kick start your day with some exercise, but your current habits are keeping you from reaching your potential. Despite your intentions you have not exercised in weeks, or “had the time” to make your health a priority. 

Habits are meant to be difficult to change. But I believe it only takes 6-8 committed weeks to change a habit. That’s why I have created the Train with Em 8 Week Challenge to guide you on improving your fitness and nutrition and help kick your butt into healthy habits.

Here are my top 10 tips for breaking a habit:

  1. Set a clear, achievable goal. Write it down, visualise your goal daily to set it in your mind. It can help to say your goal out loud to friends and family, so you feel accountable.
  2. Identify your excuses and the unconscious actions preventing you from achieving your goal. When you find yourself coming up with a reason not to get active, ask yourself “is this a choice I am making, and can I choose a different path?”.
  3. Replace your bad habits with more positive ones. For example; if you have a chocolate craving, satisfy that sweet tooth with some grated apple in oats! 
  4. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you. If you can, ask a friend to work alongside you in breaking a shared habit, you could even make it a competition. Having someone beside you can help support you when you are at your weakest.
  5. Avoid temptation. It takes will power!
  6. Repetition. Dedicate a regular time to work on achieving your goal. Seek professional instruction to push you into giving it your all so you are less likely to fall back into your old patterns of behaviour. Remember – that’s why I am here!
  7. Believe in yourself; the biggest challenge can be a change in your mindset. Remind yourself it is possible, you’ve got this!
  8. Embrace the change.
  9. Celebrate your success! Even small successes deserve celebration! Pat yourself on the back. Lift yourself up! You’ll be more inclined to continue on.
  10. Don’t beat yourself up. If you slip up from time to time or feel disheartened because you didn’t achieve what you set out to, give yourself time to regroup and refocus on the steps you need to foster a new habit.

Have you got a bad health and fitness habit? 

Join me in our next 8 Week Challenge starting Monday 29th July to get started on kicking those bad habits to the curb – for good!