Box Bootcamp.

You’ll think you’re in shape until you try Box Bootcamp!

Don a pair of gloves and come and join Em for an intense 30 minute session of Box Bootcamp.

Our session includes a number of Boxing drills and combos aimed at raising the heart rate and pushing you to the limit! The perfect class to forget the stresses of life and parenthood as you won’t be able to focus on anything other than the class!

So, are you ready to come along? One word of advice – don’t eat too closely beforehand. Em’s sessions are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to work hard, sweat hard and laugh hard!


+ Improve Mood
+ Strength Gains
+ Lose Fat
+ Feel Like a Legend!

The Science

Not only is boxing an amazing form of cardio, it’s also an incredible resistance workout. The resistance of a working against pads promotes muscle growth in the shoulder, back and chest. Each punch requires strength and precision, the same qualities needed in strength training with weights or other equipment.

What To Bring

+ Yourself
+ A Drink Bottle
+ A Towel

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