Bums Tums Guns.

Supercharge your Silhouette! Blast Fat, Tone up and Shape your best assets!

Our session includes compound movements aimed at building lean muscle mass in the areas that matter most. Say goodbye to situps! Each move requires you to hold your core tight. Abs without situps? Yes please!

So, are you ready to come along? One word of advice – don’t eat too closely beforehand. Em’s sessions are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to work hard, sweat hard and laugh hard!


+ Shape and Tone
+ Strengthen
+ Lose Fat
+ Say Goodbye to Tuckshop Arms!

The Science

In addition to the muscle-building, calorie-burning powers of compound exercises, they also require your core-stabilizing muscles to get involved, which your abs are going to put in some serious work! Without your stabilizer muscles, you wouldn’t be able to do any movement. So while a squat (for example) is working your butt, hips, and thighs, your core is also getting in on the action. Boom!

What To Bring

+ Yourself
+ A Drink Bottle
+ A Towel

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