Fit Mama!

You’re tired, more than you ever thought possible, and your body aches from the “I-only-want-mummy-to-hold-me” day you had yesterday. You feel lost. Alone. And although you love to cuddle that bundle, and cater to it’s every whim, you’re sadly aware that your “can-do” sass and the self confidence you held pre-baby is a not too distant memory. You are probably even wondering how on earth you will ever have the time, motivation or energy to get out of your pyjamas, let alone the house and even further, let alone to exercise, in a room, with people… 🤗

OMG Mama! I hear you. I totally get you! 💁‍♀️

But I also get that daily exercise can be life changing when you’re in the fog of motherhood. Which is why I have created a safe workout space for mums, offering a range of 30 minute fitness classes that are 100% child friendly!

Implementing a daily routine of a quick 30 min workout will not only will improve your strength and fitness but will:

  1. Help manage your headspace and give you some much needed “you” time. 
  2. Inspire post-baby body confidence; your body may never be exactly the same again (you did carry a watermelon for 9 months) but let’s embrace all that we are!
  3. Leave you feeling energised and re-invigorated from a post work-out high. In fact, it is widely known that the release of serotonin from exercise improves happiness & wellbeing and can reduce depressive symptoms; all important for mums struggling with the demands of motherhood.
  4. Improve your post pregnancy core and pelvic floor.
  5. Get you out of the stuffy house, take in deep breaths of fresh air and bask in some sunshine (Did somebody say Vitamin D?!). It will do the kids a world of good to get of the house too!
  6. Inspire other mums in your network to practice self-care.
  7. Set an example for your children that looking after yourself and your health is important.
  8. Assist with your much-deprived sleeping patterns.
  9. Build your network. Your support crew. Your TRIBE!

As a mum of two, I truly do know that motherhood can be isolating. I get you. WE get you! So, jump on board and join this amazing tribe of kick-ass women who feel exactly the same way you do, and are also here, conquering their fitness goals alongside you and are ready with a well-deserved, post-workout high five. Don’t leave them hanging! 🙌

So, put yourself first by scheduling in a 30 minute fitness session as a part of your daily routine. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing! You can even keep your PJ’s on!… Even with a “what-is-that?” stained t-shirt or a zombie expression from yet another sleepless night. It’s time to leave the mum guilt behind, forget the load of laundry in the machine and invest in yourself! 

It’ll do you (and your children) a world of good.

Mama, you deserve it!


NB: If you’ve begun training with the TWE Tribe, make sure you connect with this amazing community of women on the private Train with Em Facebook group