Kettlebell Training.

Grab Life by the Bells!

Come and join Em for an all-over-body work out with Kettlebells and various weight equipment.

Our kettlebell sessions include a combination of exercises aimed at building lean muscle, strengthening and improving flexibility.

So, are you ready to come along? One word of advice – don’t eat too closely beforehand. Em’s sessions are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to work hard, sweat hard and laugh hard!


+ Increase Lean Muscle Mass
+ Improve Strength
+ Lose Fat
+ Shape & Tone Muscles

The Science
Kettlebells combine the benefits of muscle toning, cardiorespiratory conditioning, fat loss, and muscular endurance while also increasing strength and power, improving flexibility, increasing lean muscle mass, reducing stress, and increasing confidence. No other tool does so many things simultaneously.

What To Bring

+ Yourself
+ A Drink Bottle
+ A Towel

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