Online Classes.

Check out our timetable of weekly zoom classes running early morning, mid-morning and night, six days a week. Just hit BOOK on the class you would like to attend!

House Rules.

Your session is important to me! Here are some friendly suggestions to help us create a great experience and a happy atmosphere for all!


It’s not always easy, but try to hit the zoom link a few minutes before class starts so that you have time to settle in. When you go to Zoom, you will enter the waiting area. Em will admit you to the class at the start time.


Em doesn’t care what you wear or what you look like. Dress to train hard and make sure you’re comfortable. Em definately recommends investing in decent quality shoes and sports bras, though! 


Set up an area at your home that you will train in each day. Keep your equipment: mat, skipping rope, towel there ready to go. Load the kids up with snacks / TV / iPad to keep them entertained - do whatever it takes so that you can get some much-deserved me-time! 


Keep a bottle of water close by. Just because we are training online does not mean the sessions will be easier! Em’s goal is to make you sweat. Sweating is great for circulation and for ridding the body of toxins so embrace it – just wipe it up!